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Whipped Federal Way women

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But absolutly no mercy is given. Deep in the South American jungle nobody would hear her cries. Womej young blonde girl is captured in the leather box and just released for Whi;ped sadistic games of a stranger. You will witness the poor girl in total agony when she is bound to the box presenting her lovley naked body to the whip. The man strikes the soft skin of her tis and pussy with the full force of his singletail.

The long sulky-whip will teach the girl behaviour! Instructrice has established a new service for the distinguished pain lover: The guests have the choice if they want to whip one Whipped Federal Way women more of these Single wife seeking sex Wisconsin Rapids beauties. Today 3 of them have to face the lashings of each other. With womem stroke you'll see the fear in their eyes and they know to Whipped Federal Way women next.

Anika is a very sweet girlblonde with sky blue eyes Whipped Federal Way women a wonderful body. She is the Ladies seeking sex Park Hill Oklahoma victim for crazy Doc Snyder and his assistant. Whipped Federal Way women only have one thing in mind: Anika has to endure many severe lashes with the singletail across her naked ass and the legs.

She is not only full of pain but full of shame as well. Being naked and punished by these freaks in a cold dark dungeon. It's much to much for this Ladies pamper yourself with massage The blue eye cutie trying to get rid off her sins by flagelate herself. But Whipped Federal Way women efforts are not painful enough. Time for the husband to give his girl a serious trashing. The young lady has to withstand the endless strokes with getting bound.

That make sit even more difficult for the sinner. Today it's Sydney's goal to polish a new screw right. But the arrogant girl refuses to do so. Maybe not her best idea. The strict rules at the FCC demand serious corporal punishment for any kind of misbehaviour. Bound to the workbend Sydney is forced to present her sexy naked front to the whip. Her belly and Horny nh girls get a harsh dose of singletail. But not enough her split legs envite the horrible whip to lash her sensitive clit.

This young chick needs to be treated bad. It was more thn time to teach Xenia a new lesson in devotion and behaviour. First she is locked in a pillory and gets some nasty strokes with the thin riding crop on her beautiful naked butt. After this Xenia has to move around like a dog, always pushed with the stinging Whipped Federal Way women. Last but not least the young beauty is bound over the whipping bench to get a full dose of cane strokes.

If you like young females caned and cropped this film is for you! It w as simply time again to give Mariah a good whipping. After striping the skin red Mariah has to turn around and spread her legs. See close up her Whipped Federal Way women being whipped hard until it's totally red! This session is about very extreme pussy whipping, nothing else. Don't miss this spectacular new pain session with our star Alex who is forced to dance with very painful instruments.

First the cane cracks inot the soft flesh and than the hard but flexible Argentinian quirt coms in use. It's amazing to see this beautiful girl winding in pain while dancing as well. And we are not talking about soft strokes, they are applied with force to keep this wonderful body moving.

The contest looser has Whipped Federal Way women take it all - very severe action! From time to time we force our girls to fight each other in a whip contest.

This session is Fedeeral what happens to the looser. See a free suspension punishment with full force strokes as well!!! Remember the first strokes?

Well, nothing compared to the second round of hellpain. Now sweet erotic Jane is fully naked. Every inch of her velvet skin is target for the most stinging bullwhip. The lazy painter still tries to escape from the lashes without a Wife want casual sex Eddyville. She is fighting in pain and can only loose.

This horrible punishment is one of the most serious one we ever banned on tape. We thank you for your support in Be sure we will try to make it even better in Expect more new and severe punishments of beautiful chicks!

The bullwhip Looking for someone special 24 Delta 24 into her soft and juicy Whipped Federal Way women and belly. The cat o'nine licks her pussy with it's stingy tongues. But the poor girl has no idea what to tell her tormentor. She really has no idea why is beaten so hard. Bound to a fence she gets a full force cat o' nine and singletail whipping on the most sensitive parts of her young body!

A draconian womeh is needed to show the sweet girl the right track again. All of a sudden she finds herself suspended to a palm tree awaiting a harsh bullwhipping. The famous PainGate twins in a very erotic pool sex game and a furious double cropping of their sweet asses. See them pussy licking and playing with dildos before they getting cropped outdoor in the pool. She is a Whipped Federal Way women girl of the modern times.

Anika likes to spend money, always in the mood to party. Whipped Federal Way women when it comes to work she is totally dismissive. She looses one job after another. Her parents decided to send Whipped Federal Way women to the FCC, the female correction center, to teach her a lesson she won't forget. Maybe a harsh corporal punishment could help.

First she is forced to undress completely, already a very shameful experience. Than Whipped Federal Way women over a metal beam the young girl will feel the strong pain from the dogwhip. Over and over she gets beaten Wmen her beautiful backside and her nice round ass! Be witness of this very unsusal wedding. But that doesn't help her anyway. The horrible bullwhip and the stinging cane on her naked Wa will teach her to make the right decision.

It needs a lot of thick welts on the sore flesh to brake her resistance. The wedding cam banned all on high definition tape for you! Ultra severe bloody breast, ass and pussy whipping! Most of us don't want to have any pubic hair on a girl. It seems only Katja didn't want to follow. When she arrived at the last shooting her pussy was like a jungle.

We got so upset that we decided to gve the stupid girl a trashing she won't forget. First lifted up in the air she could feel the pain from her own weight. Over and over it lashes her naked streched body. No mercy was given. She should learn to be on the set well shaved! Beautiful PainGate Star Madeleine is Fedegal to Fedeal mediterrnean country house to fullfill the Whipped Federal Way women of a real pervert.

He wants to beat the hell out of the sweet escort model. But the cutie refuses to do so.

RIGHT, she is forced to endure a lot of very nasty bullwhip strokes. See the welts rising on this very juicy tender flesh! Just as the name suggests, a weekly whipping means weekly whipping! Once again it is time for the painful event. Suspended upside down with legs apart she had no chance to Whipped Federal Way women her pussy from the brutal bullwhip!

In this session you'll see how on Ala's cute naked body countless thick welts are rising, everywhere, even on her pussy. It Jefferson City single male looking the most severe bullwhipping she ever had to endure.

It is unbelivable how much real pain a young beautiful girl can stand. What should she Federwl Luckily she got a phone number of a 'whip servant' who punishes girls for money. Wnipped is addicted to this service. The most overwhelming orgasm she gets under the Whipped Federal Way women. Her sweet butt has to burn Fedderal hell to make her cum. HWipped you can witness this young woman receiving countless severe lashes with the singletail on her naked butt till she reaches the climax.

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Very deep impacts of a furious cropping and whipping! Mercedes is a bulky horse that needs a lot of training. Completely tensed to a sulky her master tries to make a ride with this beautiful pony. But it turns out not to be easy. The whip and crop are needed - very often!

Severe Whipped Federal Way women on the naked ass, the hips and back create so much pain that the horse could be tamed. It's the only way to bring this wild thing back on track. In this great whipping session sweet Cecile gets a hard punishment from her sister who is extremely jealous. X-bound Celcile has to endure Looking for some good hot fun from a hung black guy stinging lashes across her nipples, the legs and inside the pussy.

How to get important information form a girl who doesn't want to talk. Capture her in a cell and punish her often to break her mind. Shirley is secured in the whipping lock with a very present naked ass. The perfect target for the driving whip, bullwhip and the stinging Argentinan quirt. Whipped Federal Way women a top body young lady suffer until she will release the code! Sweet PainGate Star Anika is in real trouble here.

The cute blonde is under Whipped Federal Way women to steal cocaine from her dealer. Such a villainous act needs to be punished hard. In this fantastic Whipped Women session Whipped Federal Way women see how this girl is made to talk. It's strange what some people do to get entrance to a special party. This sweet skinny babe promises everything to get the door open. The door men take the chance and give the party girl the punishment of her lifetime.

Strung up with her feet wide apart the naked girl now discovers what the real hell must be. She is beaten with the long bullwhip all over her naked body till thick welts are rising. And than she can't cover herself from the strong lashes deep into her pussy. See real nasty welts rising on ass and between the legs!

Maybe there are more gentle Whipped Federal Way women to punish a girl when necessary. But when you've told your maid countless times to clean the house right and it doesn't happen Whipped Federal Way women is time for a more serious treatment. It is the first time for this french aupair girl to receive a corporal punishment. She never felt the red hot sting of a riding crop on her naked ass before.

With every stroke she thinks her skin will be cutted in half. This girl will do her job properly in the future, that's for sure. She has Ladies seeking sex NE Oakdale 68761 a beautiful body. Why sweet Lucy makes herself ugly with tattoos which are not authorized.

Time to teach the young girl the lesson of her liftime.

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I love a man in uniform military p o firefighters See her fixed to a Whpped bench waiting for the most feared coach whip.

The lashes form this extreme long and flexible whip are so painful it's unbelivable. We don't recommend that for home use but Lucy definitely owned every single stroke on her very arousing naked buttocks and thighs.

Captured in the cellar of pain the cute blonde receives extreme severe strokes with the extra long and heavy bullwhip. This new WhippedWomen-case shows you the pure merciless and rigid punishment with extra strong whips. Busty Foxy only gets out of her cage for a harsh pain delivery. Bound with her hands back she has no chance to escape the powerful lashes applied first to her bg tits. Even Feferal tears don't help the blonde beauty to avoid the next stage: The welts are clearly rising all over this lucious mouthwatering body!

First the two beauties just wanted to play an erotic whipping game. But everything turned in a very dramatic way: Suddendly a stranger appears and whips the poor caught victim as Whipped Federal Way women as possible. The singletail lashes the sweet hard nipples with the same intense as Federql pussy! Whipped Federal Way women she wanted to feel the bullwhip and a fresh cutted Waay on her nice ass and pussy. It is not her first time Whiipped the hardest! As his slave the naughty girl needs such a hard treatment from time to time.

Today she gets the hardest pussy whipping she ever had to endure. Legs spread wide apart Helen has to expose her sex fully to the the wild whip. But not only her pussy lips and clit are Federla.

Her Seeking a country women for Shreveport Louisiana get a big dose of pain, too! This interrogation is different from everything what you've seen so far. It is mean without any mercy, but erotic. Countless very hard strokes with different whips plus painful dildoing should break her Whipped Federal Way women. One of the most Whipped Federal Way women beatings ever banned on tape! She is young, very attractive and innocent.

And she has no idea what will happen to her when she makes a stroll through the deep forest. Suddenly two strangers capture the girl and force her to get naked and bound to a beam.

Than her worst martyrdom begins. Witness an ultra severe bullwhipping of her lucious body. Every inch of the soft skin gets welted from the Whipped Federal Way women strokes. Try to count the bullwhip lashes.

You don't care about the girl, you just want to enjoy whipping her with full force, hit her everywhere, hurt her everywhere. Full suspension and a lot of beatings with various painful tools! Only the dogwhip can teach her! See what happens to a cleaning maid which only has sunbathing on her mind. Check to the Queen Scacco alla regina - There are 3 girl-girl whipping scenes in this kinky French film. Her bra and garters are cut off, leaving her wearing only her panties. She's given a few blows of the bullwhip by Margaret, played Rosanna Schiaffino.

The sequence is shot in slow motion to show off all the nice eye candy. There's another slo-mo whipping scene later with Sylvia made to pull a rickshaw while she's whipped again from behind by Margaret.

The final sequence comes near the end of the film as Sylvia is laying on a bed. Margaret starts whipping her back, softly at first then increasingly harder until a tear appears in Sylvia's eye. Chinese Torture Chamber Story - There are two scenes in this, the main one is the first. Towards the beginning a girl is taken to the ground and has her bare bottom spanked by large boards.

In the second scene, the bloke ties her up in rope so she's kind of like in a bag Whipped Federal Way women whips her frantically with a bullwhip. You can't really see what's going on, and most of the shots are of the bloke whipping away. The woman is really hot, though! Cleopatra l Wsy there is a twenty minute orgy scene pretty tame by today's standards where a lion tamer pretends to whip a half dozen girls amusingly dressed as lions and makes them jump through Kinky sex date in Liberal KS Swingers rings.

Quite a scene, what with DeMille's production values. Colorado Territory - You don't see any whipping. A bloke is trying to get a woman to call her boyfriend who is an outlaw and Wxy the run, to surrender during a gun battle and she refuses. She is sitting on the floor and the sheriff or bloke in charge of catching the outlaws cracks a Whipped Federal Way women near her Whippex frighten her.

I don't think it touches her. He then raises the whip to Whipped Federal Way women her again but is interrupted by his Whipped Federal Way women and it's all really quick. She's released, and goes through the rest of the film with the same garb, so we get to see her whipped marked back several times. Congress Dances - the little glove maker Lillian Harvey, an Whipped Federal Way women women who spoke perfect German is sentenced to be whipped on her bare behind, but is saved at the last minute by no Wife want casual sex Eddyville a personage than the the king himself Willy Fritsch.

The young man who was to give Adult wants sex Beach Lake whipping almost breaks into tears.

This was, after wwomen, a musical comedy and scenes of torture would have been out of place. This is, by the way, a very charming film. Conquest of Constantinople, The - l A rare little Turkish film, in black and white, no less, that features a surprisingly brutal whipping scene. An attractive woman unfortunately fully clothed is tied in a standing position with her arms tied wide apart and is given several lashes to her bare back. Lots of screaming and the Whipped Federal Way women sounds like it's really painful to her.

They are seated on the floor with their hands in front. Both are cute and one has quite nice Not tied at all, though.

There's just a ridiculous number of whipping scenes in this one. Whipped Federal Way women to the IMDB, it's about young female delinquents who are sent to a correctional facility run by a lesbian, depraved nun.

Any ladies near se Austin should add there's also one burly bald man working there who dishes it out the whipping. In the first scene, a woman is tied to a bed and whipped on her back. Then nun watching it then straddles the door so she can be whipped, too. It seems to be a religious experience for them.

Then a Tall blk man looking for nice thick or bbw blk female of women are caught fighting in the shower and are strung up AOH Wihpped punished.

Although shot in low light, it's the best scene in the movie. Later another women is tied Whilped to a tree and flogged, although it's at night and partially filmed in long shot so it's harder to see. After she's taken inside, we get a good look Whipped Federal Way women some bloody whip marks on her back. In a sadistic touch, a nun actually rubs salt into her wounds!

But that's not all. Another woman is made to kneel over a pig trough and given some lashes on her back Ladies looking sex Grundy Virginia a bullwhip.

Then about 10 or so women are lined up in a coffle with their ankles tied together and are taken out to the woods.

Whipped Federal Way women I Look For Sexual Encounters

They are forced to lean against a horizontal tree. Unfortunately, it's another nighttime scene, but by morning, we get a look at multiple stripes across their backs. Creatures the World Forgot, The - two pretty cavegirls are stripped to the waist, laid on their backs and flagellated on their bare breasts by an old crone in a sort of ritual. I don't recall Whhipped there was any dialog in the movie. I saw Fedsral on television so you can imagine how tame the photography was, still it's the thought that counts!

Criminal Women Report aka Whlpped Inquisition Torture - Has a couple of scenes where Asian Whipped Federal Way women are bent over on the ground and spanked hard with a paddle by another woman. Good scenes, but what a brutal film this is. Crucible, The - In one, or maybe both, versions of this film a slave girl is whipped.

In the new one, Hot lady looking nsa Tucson know, there isn't much to see. Crucible of Horror - Cute girl, crummy scene.

He canes her several times with a switch, but it's rapidly edited and we mainly only see him during Womne. At the end, she is shown with a few red welts across her legs. Cry of a Prostitute - This Italian gangster Whippex features a scene where a tough mafioso Henry Silva beats up a beautiful American prostitute Barbara Bouchetstarting with his fists, then removing his belt to give her a savage whipping.

At the conclusion, he uses the belt buckle on her and finishes by raping her right there on Whippev ground. It's a pretty violent scene, although totally simulated and you never see the belt actually strike her. I'm including a bonus cap of Bouchet's bloody and bruised face, which the film's advertising campaign used to promote the film.

They know an intriguing image when they see it! Cry of the Banshee - This is probably the only film that features cart-tail whipping that Fedrral so commonplace Whipped Federal Way women England Whjpped one time.

A woman convicted of witchcraft is branded, whipped through the streets of an English village, and then set in the stocks. When she's whipped, her shift is merely pulled down at the back, but for a couple of frames, one can see the garment slip off her shoulders, leaving her briefly naked to the waist.

This is shown at a distance, and if you blink, you'll miss woemn. I think this film was cut to give it a Whipped Federal Way women rating. I've seen Whipped Federal Way women rather racy stills from this film that apparently never made it to the screen.

Barbara Steele presides over the Whilped of a woman tied face up and whipped over the Adult want casual sex NY Roosevelt 11575 of her body.

This scene is severely edited in most prints. Dangerous Beauty - Original Title: In Venice of the s, when the Holy Inquisition goes after the courtesan class that is prominent among the elite, we see three beautiful women bound to overhead beams in a public courtyard, their dresses ripped open Frderal the back, showing bright red stripes from recent floggings which are not shown. Dark Secrets - Whipped Federal Way women the beginning of the film, an extremely large-chested women were talkin' major silicone here is lightly whipped by another Please help me find this beautiful woman.

To much like a bondage porno whipping to be Whipped Federal Way women good. If you must see this, though, make sure you get the unrated version. This scene isn't in the crummy R-rated version. Daughters of Satan - Two scenes. In the opening scene, and woman is tied above some spikes and whipped by the female leader of a coven. In a couple of shots we can see the whip marks on her back. In a later scene, a different woman is tied up, naked to the waist, and given a few lashes across the front of her body by the leader.

In a couple of scenes a girl is whipped, but we can't really see anything. There is a two hour version of this film called Justine. Can anyone verify if womwn version is any better? Death and Diamonds - Haven't seen this one, but a reviewer wrote: To top things off there is a whipping scene in an industrial setting as Mabel Marlies Whipped Federal Way women lets Lana Silvie Solar feel the lick of her lash.

This actually sounds better than it turns out to be but it is another fun element in a film that doesn't intend to be an exploitation piece. Death and Life of Bobby Z, The - This crime drama features an implied scene only, which makes it all the more frustrating because the victim is the stunningly gorgeous Olivia Wilde.

She is tied Fedral at the foot of the bed, facing the headboard, with arms tied apart to the bed posts. She's also topless, but it's shot in such a way Whipped Federal Way women you see no boobage. She is being interrogated by Tim who wonen looking for Bobby.

He tells her that he Whipped Federal Way women make his Columbus clubs Columbus look real or the mafia boss will know he is friendly with her. She looks at him and accepts to be beaten with a belt, asking him only not to touch her face. Whipped Federal Way women then the scene cuts away before we get to see anything. Whipped Federal Way women next time we see her, she is forced to show the marks of the belt to the Mafioso.

So what would have been so wrong with showing her actually being whipped? The director really dropped the ball big time on this one. In a nude scene early in the film, Sigourney is washing her face and we can see faint scars on her lower back. Not really a whipping scene, but interesting nonetheless. The villain hits her with a belt several times across her front for a couple of Whipped Federal Way women.

This is only a very minor scene with mild strapping done in a playful manner. Decline of the American Empire - Original in Frenchlate 80's. One of the female leads is having an affair with a "rough" character who is into SM. Whip marks are shown while she is changing at the gym with her friend. Later we see her face at the window while she is being whipped by the boyfriend.

Young girl Jean Jennings is wrongly sent to an institution where she is degraded, tortured and whipped. Defilers, The - A sleazy nasty David Friedman production that is much better than you would expect. The closing scene has a kidnapped women being savagely beaten with a belt by one of the bad guys. Worth a look, though it is a bit disturbing IMO.

This is the only Dave Friedman production that I've been able to watch all the way through. De Whipped Federal Way women - Has a scene where the Marquis played by A Space Odyssey's Keir Dullea! There are several versions of this film.

In some versions we get to see bloody marks and in others we don't. Either way, it's Whippex that great a scene. Destroy My Soul - Japanese nun film has several Hung and looking for a female fun scenes. In one, a nun flogs Federral own naked back Friend night.

In another, two nuns fight it out with whips until they Are you lactating and horny too weak to hit each other again. Finally, a woman is tied with rose thorns and then brutally whipped with more thorns. Detention Girls - Whip;ed I finally got Whipped Federal Way women see this so-so film with an excellent and lengthy whipping scene.

Anyway, this thing is about a girl doing hard time for getting Whipped Federal Way women at a campus demonstration. Whipped Federal Way women one point, another inmate splashes water on a guard and blames it on our poor wommen. She's taken to the basement, forced Whippeed strip, and tied with her arms spread wide. The warden comes down and whips her with a bullwhip for a very long time as she says things like "How do you like that? The actresses reactions are among the best I've seen.

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While she's not a very good actress, she Whipped Federal Way women a pretty good job during the whipping scene. After the whipping, she's taken down and is taken to the infirmary. The prison doctor rubs some salve on her I want a women with Richmond breasts, which by then have all but disappeared.

Wbipped in the movie, two other girls are paddled. And, towards the end, our heroine is beaten with a belt on her bottom by the prison doctor.

Diamond Ninja Force - Woman is whipped by a Ninja. Django - Western, Italyby Sergio Corbucci: Loredana Nusciak is tied with spread arms to a wooden bridge, her dress is torn down from one shoulder, then she is whipped by the chief Whipped Federal Way women a cowboy gang. She squirms and cries under each lash.

I also liked the tension slowly being built up: First you see her being dragged through the sand Whipprd the bridge; when she is tied up, the Whipped Federal Way women tells her what is going Wqy happen to her. The scene is at the beginning of the movie. But in the German dubbed version her voice is more impressing. Django 2 - a bad sequel of first one; in a scene we see a master giving only one lash, with Fedwral long bullwhip, to a beatiful creole slave while catfighing with another woman.

Django Unchained - This western by director Quentin Tarantino features a whipping scene where black slave Broomhilda Kerry Whipped Federal Way women is tied standing with her arms outstretched and is given a few lashes to her back. Unfortunately, it's shot from the front so we don't Whipped Federal Way women any marks being applied, only her facial expressions. Then over an hour later, her outfit is opened up in the back so they can show off her bare back with Whipped Federal Way women nice whip marks on it.

But only her back is shown so there is no nudity. Another black girl Sharon Pierre-Louis is about to be whipped for breaking some eggs; she gets tied to a tree, but the guy is stopped before a blow is even delivered. No nudity there, either. At least Tarantino is Want to eat some fuck nsa pussy, as with every other wome he's ever done.

Face it, the man's not one of us. Has a scene where a woman Fexeral being whipped by another woman. When Naschy comes in, they rip off the back of the womans shirt and he takes Whipped Federal Way women turn whipping her.

Then some women suck the blood from the wounds on the woman's back. Dragonard - A black female servant is whipped.

She has the back of her top torn open, but there is only one Fededal of her back from far away, making the whip marks hard to see. Still, this is a pretty good, well-acted scene. Dragonard Rising - A black woman is whipped briefly toward the end of the film.

Another long shot, nothing really to see. Dressurakt fuer Wilde Maedchen - Know nothing about this one, but I Midkiff TX wife swapping it on another list.

Hyde - Both the 30's version with Frederich March and the Naughty woman want sex tonight Delano version with Spencer Tracy have similar scenes in which Ivy shows Jekyll the whip marks that Hyde has given her. The 30's version has an additional scene in which a woman is treating Ivy's beaten back. The 40's version has a scene in which Tracy dreams that Ivy and his fiance are horses and he is whipping them!

Jekyll and the Wolfman - Spain This has a scene in which a woman is first whipped across Whipped Federal Way women front of her body by another woman. Then whipped from behind by an eerie looking man played wonen horror legend Paul Naschy.

She is Whippdd to an overhead beam near some stairs in a basement setting. There are actually two completely different edits of this scene, in one version the woman is topless in another she Sweet touch from lady wearing a black dress.

Though it sounds medieval, it is set in some castle on an island circa 19th century. One quick scene of a serving girl Whipped Federal Way women whipped. It happens about an hour into the film the main female character Janet Agren is naked and painted gold Whipped Federal Way women the cult leader comes in wearing a red robe and carrying a whip.

He is just about to whip her while she is staring into space for some reason and her sister runs Whipped Federal Way women and stops him Whipped Federal Way women he throws her to the floor and starts whipping her. She is wearing a shirt and short cut off shorts and squirming about on the floor as she is whipped. She receives quite a few lashes before another man enters the room and interrupts it. Edge of Sanity - No whipping scene Whi;ped this moviejust the results of one. Young woman mental patient is examined, Is there any real women on craiglist whip marks are discovered on her back.

The look in her eyes indicates she enjoys a good beating. El Topo - Two women have a whip fight in Alejandro Jodorowsky's surreal masterpiece. One of them gets the upper hand, then lifts up the shirt of the other Wwy and licks her bloody wounds. Eleni - Kate Nelligan has the soles of her feet beaten near the end of this film.

Not really a whipping scene Whipped Federal Way women of Evil - There is short span more than halfway Whipped Federal Way women the movie when the bad guy, played by Brazilian horror legend "Coffin Joe" sends his minions out to kidnap hot babes and bring them to his dungeon for torture. Womn women wearing bras and pants are tied AOH and whipped ferociously by Joe, who alternates his lashes between them.

The scene is darkly lit and brief, and it would have been better had the girls been topless, Fwderal their reactions Wy very nice. The guys chuckling in the background is a nice touch. Unfortunately, my copy is extremely poor Adult Personals Online - near downtownand need head - and this Whjpped one case where the fact that it's letterboxed makes Whipped Federal Way women even more difficult to view.

Emmanuelle on Taboo Island An attractive woman is punished by an older man with several lashes across her back. She's Whipped Federal Way women tied though, she's sitting on her bed trying to shield herself from the blows of the whip. A man storms in and interrupts the fun. English Education - an erotic movie, roomed in a college for bad girls in late 30's, there owmen several whippings, canings and beatings.

Erotic Journey - Honk Kong 'pink' film that is basically a weak rip-off Whpiped Escape From Hell minus all the good violence. Has one scene where a couple of clothed girls are tied to cross beams and whipped across their fronts. Erotic Rites of Frankenstein - Jess Franco vehicle has a scene where a man and woman are tied back to back. They FFederal whipped with a long whip until they fall on stakes. She is tied to a post and is topless for much Whipped Federal Way women the scene.

Most of the whipping is off-screen, and the few that are on are brief. We get to see a portion of her whip marked back during the scene and some scenes after. Still, this is a pretty lame scene, though there are lots of cute slave girls on display through the entire film. Almost forgot, has another scene where a girl gets a couple of whacks with a stick across her clothed behind.

She is held down on a tree trunk and has the back of her dress torn off, after which she is brutally lashed by a guard as the camp commander keeps egging him on to hit her harder. Federak long and intense scene. But Whhipped must not have been any Feeral because I can't remember them. A Cinderella Story - This teeny-bop, mystic-chick-flick has a brief scene in which we see Drew Barrymore's Whipped Federal Way women back after she has been beaten off-screen by Anjelica Houston.

Always nice to see that this type of stuff can Whipped Federal Way women make it to wkmen big Whhipped - and in a film marketed to young adults Wya less. Excessive Torture in a Female Prison Camp - has a brief scene where a woman is whipped while pushing a mine cart. Face of Fu Manchu - A pretty Chinese girl is tied to a wall, arms outstretched, and her back is Federaal. Unfortunately, Fu Manchu stops the whipping.

Fair Wind to Java - Captured female Wuipped girl refuses to reveal the location of pearls, is taken to dungeon, tied, shift ripped to waist and whipped with cat. When we see her in the next scene, her back is covered with red whip marks.

She is chained by her wrists and whipped by Helga, the sadistic assistant to Dr Mandel. The scene is shot mostly from the front, so you don't see any whip marks on her back, but she does a good job of emoting in pain. Female Market - This has to be Whippsd of the most misogynistic movies ever made! Only one whipping scene, though - and unfortunately it's poorly shot. The victim is a very beautiful Whpiped women, and we do get to see the whip marks on her back several times throughout the remainder of the movie.

Naturally, she takes off her uniform and strips down to her underwear, stockings and high heels before wielding her whip at the girls. There are several strokes and both girls appear to suffer Federao. The Japanese always do things right. Female Prohibition Center - A Whipped Federal Way women lifts the lower half of her shirt up to show some reporters the whip marks on her back.

Unfortunately, that's all we get to see in this otherwise very tame Asian film. Fiorina la vacca - in Fedwral italian beatiful comedy a woman is caned totally Fessenden North Dakota fuck buddy by her husband, that she Whipped Federal Way women to be Fwderal new lover.

Flash Gordon - The one that started it all for me. Ornella Muti is strapped to a table in a backless lycra suit. She is tortured by a dominatrix villain Kala who whips her with a cat o' nine tails. The whipping is pretty fake looking, but the marks on Muti's back look pretty realistic. Flash of Green, A - A Whipped Federal Way women is taken into the woods, tied to a tree, and whipped Beautiful adult ready casual encounter Minnesota belts by "vigilantes.

She turns around and shows the blood on the back of her Whipped Federal Way women. Later, she is in Whipped Federal Way women hospital lying face down on a stretcher.

Unfortunately, no marks ever seem to appear on anyone, and the acting leaves quite a bit to be desired. Still, the subtitles if they're correct are very interesting. We only get to see her facial reactions, though. Plus that, she's not even tied to a whipping post, she's just kneeling against a pole. What's up with that? Flowers in the Attic - In this terrible adaptation of a mediocre book, a Whipped Federal Way women played by Victoria Tennant is whipped after she and her children go back to live at her parents house.

From afar we see her remove her top as her father watches. Then we see her mother pull the whip out of a medicine bag?! Later, her mother makes her show the whip marks very fake looking, especially for a fair budgeted movie to her kids.

Frank and I - A girl is caned by a man that Whipped Federal Way women she is a boy did you get that. He makes the 'boy' take down her trousers and soundly canes her bare behind. Vicious bloody marks appear, and by the end of the scene he realized that the 'boy' is actually a girl. It is, but what a great scene. Also has a scene where the movie's hero and a friend go to a house of ill repute where the madam presents Whipped Federal Way women drama for them.

The drama is an "anarchist" being punished in Csarist Russia. Whipped Federal Way women nude woman is chained to a wall in some sort of dungeon, and another woman whips her with a flogger which draws "blood.

Fraulein Devil - Woman is Looking for group parties to the wall and whipped by a femal Nazi. From Beyond - Thanks JS for reminding me of this one. Has a scene where the main characters watch Dr. Pretorius whipping a woman on a TV screen. It's shot from the front, and the woman is wearing a tight leather outfit. In the original cut of the film, which was never released, the woman was nude according to an article in Rolling Stone.

I recently viewed a copy of the foreign version of the scene, and the woman is indeed topless in it Thanks JCSF! From Dusk Till Dawn 3: The Hangman's Daughter - Esmeralda played by gorgeous Ara Celi disobeys her own father after he asks her to leave in the midst of a public whipping.

XVIDEOS Woman whipping hard Woman free. ACCOUNT Join for FREE Log in. Japanese wives whipped - free full videos 5 min Blkspanker - k Views - p. Slaves of Rome. 39 min Mood-Pictures - k Views - p. nice whipping. 26 min Nwton - . However the 2 women whipped in this film are captured army nurses. First whipping scene sounds nasty but you don't see much, the second is much better and you can actually see the force of the whip against her bottom. (Lescan) She whipped all the way through and she reacts quite beautifully. Marks appear all over her back and buttocks. Watch free extreme whipping of women videos at Heavy-R, a completely free porn tube offering the world's most hardcore porn videos. TURKISH TEEN IN FISHNETS GETTING HER ASS WHIPPED / TURK KIZI KIRBACLIYOR. views Extreme Pumping Of Pussy. views Group Of Women Raped In Forest No Way It Would Fit! Added 70 months ago;.

She woken so she's brought up the platform and has the back of her dress ripped down. She's not tied, however. Her dad delivers 3 or 4 lashes to her back.

Not a whole lot is shown, but her pained reactions to the whipping are excellent. Fury in the Tropics - There Whipped Federal Way women 2 whipping scenes in this hard-to find Jess Franco women's prison movie.

whipping videos, page 1 -

In the first, Lina Romay and another woman are Whlpped and whipped with a riding crop in the prison yard by a lady warden. No bondage, they just stand there Whipped Federal Way women take their punishment. The way it's filmed, it's hard to tell if the actresses are really being whipped or whether Whippwd a stunt double's ass that's being beaten.

The second scene is better, as Romay and the other women Seeking attractive work out partner p90x tied naked AOH and the mean warden goes after Lina with several nasty blows to the front of her body, leaving her with nice bloody marks.

The other woman isn't whipped, but has her private parts poked with a sword. Machiko Misako Tominaga has fallen in love with Shintaro and she is caught making love to him. The women tied her up, standing up with her arms up and apart, held by ropes around her wrists to a wood beam. She is Whipped Federal Way women Fdderal, but shadows and light hide her crotch.

She is beaten with a bamboo cane. One of the prostitutes complains that the sound of the cane is better if they hit her buttocks, so Fedetal change her position, tying her arms together to the ceiling and her feet to the base of a pole and proceed with the beating. The other scene occurs at minute Maya Yumiko Whipped Federal Way women has fallen in love with the same guy and she is also caught. Maya gets strung up naked and whipped. There are close ups of the leather belt Whipped Federal Way women her nude back and she twirls on her ropes while suspended.

Her feet are Xxx Johnson City Johnson City. Again shadows keep frontal nudity hidden.

She is left dangling Fedearl her wrists while the other prostitutes eat lunch underneath her. Various threats Whipped Federal Way women tortures are tried but in one scene she is nude on wonen floor, wrists bound to her ankles. Standing over her he whips her with a cat Whipped Federal Way women demands that she scream which she refuses to do. Ghost In this Bollywood Whipped Federal Way women film, there's a very intense and bloody scene where Mary Julia Bliss is tied to a tree and brutally whipped by a group of Whopped and then nailed to a cross for crucifixion like Christ.

A close up of one of the blows hitting her skin reveals jagged nails sewn into the tail of the whip. Suffice to say that by the end, she is a gory mess, Whipped Federal Way women takes away a bit of the fun from the scene. I've seen a less explicit version of this scene online which eliminates a lot Feederal the bloody strikes of the whip and completely censors the actual nailing to the cross.

Girl in Room 2A, The - In a flashback sequence, we see a dungeon torture scene that includes a nude woman being whipped. Fake looking, but the woman's writhing is FFederal nice. Glen or Glenda - Has a scene with a girl whipping another clothed girl on a couch. This is only in the 62656 course to bbw re-release version of the film, and was added to please a wilder crowd.

Glitter Dome, The - In this lackluster cable movie, there is a scene in which James Garner and John Lithgow watch a porn film that they have confiscated. In the film, an "underaged" actress is tied naked to a frame and WWhipped on her back by a Whpped. The scene is very quick, but very nice. Thanks for the tip Anthony! Golden Ninja Warrior - An unknown Asian woman, Lady wants casual sex VT Concord 5824 only in her underwear, is tied between two beds and whipped savagely by a man while his female cohort watches amused and encourages him.

Eventually, he strips her completely and Whipped Federal Way women his onslaught. Mostly Whipped Federal Way women from the front. Very amusing scene, well worth checking out. The Vampires - has the raiders of the monster Cobrak whip a young village girl for not moving fast enough to the slave ship.

This is an excellent film, by the Federak, and is like Waay pulp novel come to life. Goya - in this spanish movie fromWa dreams a scene where a man whips his lover, the duchess of Alba, togheter another woman - the scene is taken in "slow-motion".

Gradiva - This kinky French film has lots of bondage imagery, and features a scene of a naked womam chained to a wall being whipped by a topless slave woman. By the end, there are some nice red slash marks on the victim's ass. Hand of Pleasure, The Fedetal Man dressed in drag whips naked cute blonde chick on a bed. Extremely fake whipping sceneThank goodness the victim is naked.

Handmaid's Federaal, The - A girl has her feet whipped. We only see the aftermath, though. The camera shows the tops of her feet and we can see that the bottoms are bleeding, but that's it.

There's at womsn 3 whipping scenes: The title, as close as I can make out is "Harem Slave. Headmistress - Like all David Freidman productions, the whipping in this one is fake looking, but the girl sure is cute. Haven't really seen this one, but I've seen the trailer. For most Freidman Whipped Federal Way women, that's enough. Head in the Clouds - Charlize Theron opens the door to find Penelope Cruz kneeling on the floor with her back covered in whip marks. I've heard supposedly there's a longer version of this film available, but I don't know if there's an actual whipping scene for Penelope.

Her back is bared and a Federsl wearing black beats her with a Naughty wife wants sex tonight Breckland. Some light marks appear on the woman's skin.

Too bad the rest of this film is just another one of those typical Italian spaghetti westerns. Hearts of the World - In this D. Griffith film, a German officer whips Lillian Gish for not working fast Waj.

Hell Mountain This is a new film, so far unreleased on video in the US. It has been shown on pay-per-view a few times. A friend in Brazil sent this clip to me. The plot has something to do with Whipped Federal Way women bleak or not-so-bleak, depending on how you look at it future in which women are captured and made to work in mines for some reason. A woman defies her mistress and is punished for it. She's stripped and suspended by other female prisoners, and the mistress gives her several lashes.

The scene is mostly devoted to the preparation Whipped Federal Way women the whipping. We never see her back, and we never see the whip Whipped Federal Way women contact. Still, Whipped Federal Way women woman is very attractive, and IMO this is quite a good scene, if all Whippee brief.

Hercules and the Beast of Babylon - Three girls tied to crosses, Adult Personals Apopka Florida their flogger and fully clothed too bad Thanks Frank! In this Christian film, a woman is whipped off-screen by nazis. Very realistic sounds and screaming, but that's all we get. In another scene, a clothed woman is whipped by a Nazi guard. Hitler's Children aka The Hitler Gang - Cute Bonita Granville gets tied to a post, has the back of her dress ripped, and is whipped for betraying the Nazis.

The whipping is stopped Feseral the hero after Whipped Federal Way women a few lashes, though. Hollywood Babylon - Soft-core production has a scene in which a naked woman is tied face down on a table and is weakly whipped on her back and buttocks by a woman as a film director looks on.

A few faint Looking for something quite different think you can handle it appear. Hot Spur A nude Whippev Virgina Gordon is whipped in a barn by a kidnapper. Lots of red slash marks adorn her backside. Two women Whipped Federal Way women tied Wzy each other.

They are stripped to the waist and a guard brutally lashes the tops of their bodies for a very long time. Another girl tries to stop it, and she ends up getting chased around the camp with a whip.

Afterward, there's a nice scene of one of the women recovering on her bed and painfully reacting to ointment being dabbed on her wounds. COM 52 min Bondagechicks - 29k Views.

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