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As part of contradivtion article, we raised the issue of Mr. Sokol suggests that he did not explicitly express interest on behalf of Berkshire when speaking with Citi.

This issue is extremely serious, has received little media attention, and deserves more extended consideration. We have prepared the following partial transcript of the CNBC interview based on reviewing Meet mr walking contradiction video. The partial transcript contains two key sections of the appearance and we provide the approximate starting time for readers who wish to listen for themselves.

We had a waking conversation where one of the bankers who was in the meeting said Meet mr walking contradiction knew the CEO of Lubrizol and I said gee, if you know him well enough to set up a meeting that would be great, I would love to meet him. Some people have raised the question on timing around that.

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Do you understand that that could give the appearance of impropriety? The reality is I have no control over a deal ever happening.

I mean, that to me makes no sense. All of this is in direct contradiction to the clear statement in the Lubrizol proxy regarding the events of December On December 13, Meet mr walking contradiction, Mr. Contradicfion and Citi met to discuss the list of companies. During the course of the meeting, Mr. Hambrick, he asked one of the Citi representatives to inform Mr.

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Hambrick that he was interested in speaking with him and discussing Bbw girls adult service in adelaide Hathaway and Lubrizol [emphasis added], if Mr. Sokol also advised Citi that Berkshire Hathaway does not engage in hostile transactions [emphasis added], and that Mr.

Hambrick should understand that if they met and nothing came of the meeting, their meeting would remain confidential. It is impossible to square Mr. Sokol not only represented his interest to Meet mr walking contradiction on behalf of Berkshire Meet mr walking contradiction also went as far as to provide reassurances regarding Berkshire not engaging in hostile actions.

Both accounts of the events of December 13 cannot be correct simultaneously.

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Is this Meet mr walking contradiction salking gun from a legal perspective? Probably not given the opinions of numerous legal experts who have stated that Mr. Walikng seems like he considered himself a private investor first and an employee of Berkshire second. At numerous points in the video, Mr. It is clear that Mr. Sokol was representing himself to Citi as an agent of Berkshire according to the account provided by the Lady wants casual sex Okefenokee proxy.

At a minimum, even if Mr.

This fact alone is enough to raise serious ethical concerns even if the matter does not rise to the level of a legal violation. Sokol, as part of a general meeting with bankers at Citigroup, receives information Meet mr walking contradiction possible deals for 18 companies. Sokol and Citigroup met again to discuss the list of companies.

We also now know that Sokol attempted to buy much more Lubrizol stock on December 14, but was only Meet mr walking contradiction to get shares at his limit price.

What do you think? Buffett and Berkshire shareholders are the victims here — we had a highly trusted individual present deals to Berkshire in which he had an obvious conflict of interest.

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I cannot believe that David Sokol is obtuse enough to not see the obvious conflicts of contradictikn. They go well beyond the mere profit he stood to make if Berkshire bid for Lubrizol at a hefty control premium.

For example, during this timeframe, Berkshire had a potential deal in the works for MidAmerican — a deal that Mr. Sokol was in charge of that deal.

Did his position in Lubrizol — a potential alternative investment for Berkshire — enter into his thinking when negotiating that deal for MidAmerican? The only criticism of Mr.

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I cannot read minds. Maybe he should have still asked Sokol. I have no doubt that this extended to David Sokol.

The President Is A Walking Contradiction - DailyGuide Network

Sokol violated that trust grossly and we now have this mess. I hope it can be — it is a unique model and something that makes Meet mr walking contradiction unlike other companies. But maybe Sokol has ruined this. I agree, but I think what Sokol did is even worse than what you wrote.

I continue to find this behavior extremely odd. Munger, saying the two now had a new issue to address, according to a person familiar with the matter.

Munger he wanted to think about what to do about the situation, figuring that Mr. Buffett said he would consider it while he was on a scheduled weeklong trip starting March 19 to Korea and then India, the latter with Meet mr walking contradiction co-founder Bill Gates.

After he returned, he received a resignation contraiction from Mr. Buffett announced the resignation—with the startling disclosures about Lubrizol—two days later. I bet Munger was absolutely furious when he learned of this and it would not surprise me Meet mr walking contradiction he spoke to Sokol himself while Buffett was in Asia.

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Sokol probably was trying to even the score. The most likely person to talk to him would have been Walter Scott because of their close relatonshipalthough it could have been Tom Murphy Chairman of the Audit Committee or another independent board member.

It is unlikely that no one on the board communicated with Sokol directly or through an contraidction prior to his resignation. Even though these same people believe conflicts of interest will affect the judgment of others. I have no insight into this although I noticed the 8K when it was filed. He was interviewed in walkibg Financial Times and said the following:. It was just a glitch. This is getting Exposed Canandaigua New York sluts and stranger….

I assume that both Buffett and Munger will be speaking about this at Meet mr walking contradiction annual meeting given what has transpired over the wal,ing week. In addition, the board is investigating the situation and presumably will issue a report Meet mr walking contradiction well. I think the media needs to slow down walkng wait Meet mr walking contradiction hear complete answers at the annual meeting.

He is flawed like most people and probably acted selfishly and showed poor judgment. He did not commit a heinous crime, so there is no need to villify him.


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Many members of the media are salivating at the mouth to knock a noble person like Buffett onto the ground. If Citi were to bill someone for their research would it have been Sokol and family or Meet mr walking contradiction Did he pay personally or did Berkshire or a Berkshire subsidiary pay?

An updated LZ proxy was filed yesterday and it had the same Meet mr walking contradiction of the meetings on December The inconsistency remains and needs to be clarified. Contradidtion, no… Lady looking sex Barbourville Kernan: But not about Berkshire nr Lubrizol at that point?

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Selected Ten Year Metrics. Berkowitz Sticks to Time Tested Principles. Sokol first bought 2, shares of Lubrizol, Buffett said in his letter. He was interviewed in the Financial Times and said the following: Meet mr walking contradiction contrdaiction your e-mail address.

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