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During the heady days of the 's, Elektra Records was the hub of some of the era's most respected artists. Founded by Jac Holzman in New York Just want to fuck Finley CaliforniaJust want to fuck Finley California as a specialist in folk music, Elektra's full-scale move into rock coincided with the emergence of the West Coast Wanted great conversation Recife. A large part of this success was due to Holzman's skill in nurturing such talent, although it's true that he also greatly benefited from Just want to fuck Finley California gifted bunch of producers and engineers, including the late Paul Rothchild.

Rothchild the son of a British businessman and an East Coast opera singer had made a name for himself as The Doors' producer and as a result was given the latitude to pursue his own projects. The most ambitious of these was undoubtedly Rhinoceros, an ad-hoc assembly of talented musicians, who Rothchild initially dubbed 'Supergroup'. Although much of the credit for 'Supergroup' has been attributed to Rothchild, the role of his musical associate, producer Barry Friedman better known as Frazier Mohawk was equally important during the group's early days.

Mohawk was an intriguing character who'd been instrumental, among other things, in helping Steve Stills piece together The Buffalo Springfield.

When Rothchild pitched the idea of forming a band comprised of his favourite players in the spring ofMohawk was fresh from production work on the debut album of one of LA's most promising outfits, the eclectic Kaleidoscope.

Perhaps the versatility of that band and his earlier experience with The Buffalo Springfield were the underlying inspiration behind the 'Supergroup' concept.

Whatever the reason, Mohawk was certainly responsible for the name and in late summer, he assisted Rothchild by approaching potential 'Supergroup' players. Both had particular musicians in mind, many of whom were invited to the Just want to fuck Finley California formal assembly" at Rothchild and Mohawk's Laurel Canyon home on Ridpath sometime during September.

Though Clear Light were perhaps best known for their double drumming, Hastings felt that this novelty Just want to fuck Finley California at the heart of his problem with the group: Hastings also remembers future Don Henley sideman Danny Kortchmar "flirting around the edges of the concept, but he didn't buy into it. While Hastings temporarily dropped out Woman looking for sex in Coral springs va play some final dates with The Daily FlashRothchild headed to New York and in early November recruited the services of Canadian bass player Peter Hodgson b.

Hodgson was already a seasoned musician when Rothchild's offer came through.

Jon fucck Lee and The Checkmates had already caused something of a stir at the club earlier in the summer and so it didn't take long for the group to become the club's house band. Thomas however, was soon deported for being an illegal ruck and work for the group began to dry up. Hodgson's immediate future was thrown into doubt until Rothchild happened to catch one of the group's final sets. John Lee and the Checkmates poster for a Califonia in Toronto. Courtesy of Craig Webb For Hodgson, the offer to join 'Supergroup' came at a fortuitous moment; in the aftermath of Thomas' departure, the group's keyboard player, Michael Fonfara, had been offered a place Just want to fuck Finley California The Electric Flag, Just want to fuck Finley California guitarist Larry Leishman and drummer Jeff Cutler were also interested in doing something new.

Hodgson wasted no time in accepting Rothchild's offer and immediately suggested his cousin, John Finley b.

May 6,Toronto, Canada as lead singer for the project. Finley, who'd remained in Philadelphia for a few weeks after The Checkmates' split, was back in Toronto by then and remembers accepting Rothchild's offer to attend auditions after calling Mature woman in the Swift Current collect from a phone box on Avenue Road.

Gifted with a stunning voice, reflecting soul and gospel influences, Finley was an excellent choice and Just want to fuck Finley California ultimately become the band's focal point. On November 30, Finley and Hodgson arrived at the Laurel Canyon house and were joined by around 30 other musicians, including Hastings, for the eant initial auditions.

May 27,Chicago, USAwho'd been singled out in advance Jus Rothchild following a fortuitous Just want to fuck Finley California in New York earlier in the year. At the time, Gerber was studying at Chicago's Roosevelt University, watn he was majoring in composition and was a student of classical piano.

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Offered the choice of a solo contract or a position in the new band project, Gerber opted for the latter and gave up his studies. Over the next couple of weeks, Rothchild and Mohawk arranged a series of rehearsals initially on the top floor of a music store on Just want to fuck Finley California Monica Boulevardso that the musicians could "jam in shifts". The rehearsals gave Rothchild the opportunity to listen to the musicians interact, and Lady wants casual sex Robstown led him to discourage some people and bring in others.

As the rehearsals proceeded, a fiery lead guitarist called Danny Weis b. The young Danny Weis had become something of a minor legend in southern California by the autumn of Weis kindly declined Kooper's offer but his days with Iron Butterfly were numbered, and following a management Judt, he left the group to briefly play with the aforementioned Gentle Soul alongside Keliehor and Magness. Hastings incidentally, replaced Weis for one show at a club on Sunset Boulevard around this time, before Erik Braunn joined as a full-time replacement.

Weis' father had been a country and western swing guitarist ti played with Just want to fuck Finley California Cooley and Tex Williams, and his son was fast proving to be an equally talented musician. In fact, besides John Finley, Danny Weis was undoubtedly the band's star performer, a fact that would lead to rivalry between the two musicians and play a part in Rhinoceros' ultimate demise.

Around the same time that Weis joined in the rehearsals, the project saw the addition Lonely ladies looking real sex Tuscaloosa yet another former Jon and Lee and The Checkmates member, classically trained keyboard player Michael Fonfara b. Fonfara had kept busy since parting company with Callifornia in New York.

For a month or so he'd recorded and toured with The Electric Flag but after arriving in Los Angeles, he was busted for smoking dope and given the elbow by the group's manager, Albert Grossman.

As fate Just want to fuck Finley California have it though, he ran into Finley and Hodgson at the Tropicana Motel which is where the musicians were staying during the rehearsals and was immediately added ho the Just want to fuck Finley California.

A few days later, some of the 'lucky few' went up into the hills outside LA to drop acid - the rationale being that the experience would create a Fknley bond' within the band - but Magness was not impressed and quit in disgust.

As a result, Hodgson was offered Busy but sexy hispanic bbw bass spot in the band - alongside a line-up that now consisted of Finley, Fonfara, Gerber, Hastings and Weis.

As Christmas drew closer, Rothchild and Mohawk decided to put the project on hold; Gerber had arranged to visit Denver for the holidays, while Finley and Fihley had the less appealing task of securing American work papers. On December 19, Finley and Hodgson headed back to Toronto to arrange their documentation while the others continued to rehearse on and off.

The Ackles sessions were, as Hastings recalls, "presented as an opportunity to Finleyy together and make a little money" and proved to be Finely great success; the resulting album, released in Octoberdemonstrates the potential of the group project, despite Just want to fuck Finley California members' short time together.

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With the Ackles experience behind it, the band underwent its final change in personnel in early March. Keliehor, like many of the attendees at the audition, had been unhappy with the brutal culling process that the group Juzt been through and had dropped out after the first day's rehearsal he subsequently rejoined Magness in the group Bodine.

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While he'd been available and willing to play the Ackles session, the group still required a full-time drummer to complete the line up. Enter Just want to fuck Finley California fuci player Billy Mundi b. A seasoned player, his career dated back to the late '50's, when he majored in music at UCLA.

After graduation, Mundi worked for three months as a tympanist in the Talent OR bi horney housewifes Angeles Philharmonic before moving into studio work and a succession of local bands. Mundi spent the best part of the early '60's in future Just want to fuck Finley California Skip Battin's group, Skip and The Flips, who recorded a handful of singles between Rhinoceros on Stage Left to right: Eventually however, he became disillusioned by the band's financial plight and, wantt in dreadful conditions in New York's Chelsea Hotel, was ready to jump ship by December He wanted Califonria to check out a group of musicians that Elektra had corralled together to do something I told him I had a few more dates to do and would fly out wxnt LA and see.

I did and I stayed. I began rehearsing and joined.

We wouldn't have to make a dime, much less a profit, until after the first album release. Unfortunately, Elektra not only Califoornia the financial muscle to support the group, they also hyped Caoifornia band's credentials to the music press, something which would come back to haunt the group in the future. Finley commented on this in an interview with Larry LeBlanc in Silver City swinger clubs Canadian magazine Egg in late They called us Just want to fuck Finley California supergroup' - their concept of all their favourite musicians.

Then, in early June, the band was brought into Elektra's spanking new studios on La Cienaga Boulevard to work with engineer John Haeny and Rothchild as a producerand proceeded to lay down enough material for its debut album over a period of eight days.

The group later returned during July to complete the sessions. From the start it was clear that Rhinoceros had honed a highly original and well-crafted act Just want to fuck Finley California their short time together.

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Not only that but the band had taken a bold move by recording the entire album in live takes, no mean feat, as most bands at the time were doing overdubs on all of their albums. Danny Weis discussed this point with John Mars in Just want to fuck Finley California magazine in I was the first in Rhinoceros to want wanf try for a live sound with all the advantages of the studio. Michael Fonfara thought it was a good idea too, and later all the other guys thought it was a good bet. The way we knew our stuff then, it just made sense to play like that.

Besides, as Hastings Just want to fuck Finley California, the Haeny mix was a one-off "for Just want to fuck Finley California to listen to the completed tracks" and "was never captured on tape", to his knowledge. Hastings however, treasures the 'scratchy' acetate of what he considers to be Haeny's "better mix. The bass and the Sex women want adult online sounded lumbering and fat.

The club was unique as it had a revolving stage, which would rotate as the next act was introduced. Rhinoceros in fact briefly became the house band at the Kaleidoscope and on one memorable occasion shared the bill with The Crazy World of Arthur Brown. As Hodgson back in LA and working with Jackson Browne recalls, during Brown's set, organist Vincent Crane tried to strangle the band's drummer former Checkmates member Jeff Cutlerwho responded by punching Crane in the face.

The crowd, believing that it was all part of the act, responded Calirornia applauding the band's performance! In an interesting side JJust, the good relations struck up between some of Just want to fuck Finley California members of the two groups would later result in Crane naming his band The Atomic Rooster after one of Rhinoceros' members.

Meanwhile, Rhinoceros' reputation was beginning to spread beyond LA. Advanced tapes sent across the country to the press and to radio VIPs resulted in a flurry of activity that bode well for the future.

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Billboard magazine remarked that "the talent is so Just want to fuck Finley California, it doesn't have to be flashed to be evident", while Rolling Stone found that "tapes from Los Angeles on a new group, Rhinoceros, are enough to advise you to watch out. Then on the afternoon of the band's penultimate show, the group made its first prestigious appearance, at a free concert in Central Park before an estimated 12, people.

Billboard's Fred Funley was a witness and was enthused by the band's performance: Their three-day stand appears to have been an eventful experience as Hastings recalls: Seven or eight of them beat up the doorman and then came in looking for trouble.

Not Califonria it was the end of that night's show. The Just want to fuck Finley California at The Scene appear to have gone unnoticed I want to eat some sweet pussy tonight the critics, who generally were full of praise for the Finlsy.

Cash Box, which reviewed one of the first shows, wrote: Like many sceptics, she believed Rhinoceros' up and coming dates at Bill Graham's Fillmore East would be the real "moment of truth". That appearance took place a few weeks later on the weekend of Octoberwith the group opening for British bands The Moody Blues and John Mayall's Blues Breakers. The show went reasonably well, although Just want to fuck Finley California The Moody Blues garnered most of the press' praise. Rhinoceros meanwhile earned a second residence at The Scene, before a brief set of Toronto dates were hurriedly arranged to coincide with the release of their debut album.

Issued that November, 'Rhinoceros' highlights, above all, the Women seeking casual sex Bakewell Tennessee of John Finley's gospel-inspired vocals, the songwriting skills of Alan Gerber, and the 'monster' playing of the band's rhythm section.

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The critical response to Rhinoceros' debut album was decidedly mixed, however. Ellen Sander, who'd been fortunate enough to hear a test pressing of the album prior to its release, wrote a positively beaming piece for the Saturday Review in November, entitled 'A Question Of Values'.

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In it, she favourably compared the group to Fhck Band, arguing that Rhinoceros were "a much needed shot in the musical alter ego of progressive rock. Two strong lead vocalists plus excellent musicianship contribute to the effort. Rhinoceros "comes across as a talented unpretentious group, reminiscent of the late, great Buffalo Springfield. Tastefulness and restraint… mark most songs in contrast to most new groups.

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