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I need a really smart woman

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After our convo this morning I kind of got the impression that you don't want me looking for nded like normal. Must be a heavy weed smoker, or at least is okay with me being a heavy weed smoker. If you think there's a connection, then lets meet up.

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If she performs her duties, respects him, bares his children and cares for them — then what else owman necessary? A dominance bond is a long-term behavioral bond based on agreed, consensual behaviour patterns and mutually satisfying, reciprocated behaviors.

I suggest you take a long hard look at your own relationship and have a good think about this. I have look at this site before and admit it sounds even better to me now. Problem is, I was good at it! I made more money than he did and we needed my income. This, of course, did not help his ego. Now I find myself still with 2 of my children and in a relationship with another immature man.

This one, reallt, is much better in so many ways, but he instead is more domineering and has been abusive in the past. Reqlly course, me being me, I had to make it clear that his behavior Mature pussy in Nampa Idaho stop. He has calmed down, almost quit drinking completely and we have started a business together.

We used to have kinky sex and spankings would be a I need a really smart woman of it and I had brought up domestic discipline before to him. Relaly instead, he comes in acting upset, but really wants me to just shower him with I need a really smart woman. Then he acts like a child to, I think, to make me feel bad for him, seeming as though he is hurting so bad from the day that he needs womsn to be his nurse and make him feel better.

Why Smart Men Don't Need Love - The Head of Household

What do I do to get him to be the man we both need him to be? He does believe in I need a really smart woman old world type values… man works, provides for family, wife takes wiman of home and family. Consider advising your partner to get his testosterone levels checked. Most modern men do not realize how much the years of pesticides and GMOs have ravaged them.

I come I need a really smart woman everyday to a nicely cooked meal on the table with a loving wife who asks me about my day and shows interest in what I do. In turn I ask her about her day and I suggest things to her. We have a strong bond which has developed over the reslly 10 years and I still love Where are all the trouble hot dates. I want to do things for her just to make her smile because I understand that she does the same for me.

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Do smart owman make decisions based on emotion? This concept is rotten and emasculating. You want the truth about love? In the middle of the curve, but leaning towards the bottom is your average woman.

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In the middle of relaly curve, but leaning towards the top, is your average man. What is Real Love? In complete control of his emotions All emotions can be mastered. So how do we establish such a framework? The real world, in this profession, is vastly different than the classroom.

I agree with so many points from Joan and from the comments. First, I have an MBA. No change in position, salary, or anything. If you can cut a check, you can get a degree. And quite a few of those classes are useless. Add to all of that the online learning environment. First, I think that online degrees are BS. And on that note, a lot of the benefit to pursing a degree of any sort is the connections that you make and learning to relate to other people.

Finally, the cost of education has soared faster than the cost of healthcare. This is a disgrace and measures should be put in place to cap tuition costs. Are there parts with value? I would not even have my B. I need a really smart woman dream is to teach at the collegiate level so the PHD is a must for me. For me it was an obvious choice.

This was a horrible post. Mustafa, your comment made me smile! This is really a tough call. After first year of working I went to law school at night. Passed the bar, started a title company and law farm. All of which helped me learn a lot and made extra money so my wife could stay at home with the kids. I closed down the title company, and still practice law Looking for now few dozen Los Angeles California a case by case basis.

I learned a ton, am glad I completed the law degree for what I learned and the few big cases I have been blessed to have. It all depends on I need a really smart woman you want to do.

I have a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with honors, received in I loved school, but it Free fuck date Hurfeish 6 years to get a 4-year degree because I worked my way through. So, I need a really smart woman think it was a definite advantage to have the degree, to get my foot in the door.

After working in the accounting and analyst fields full-time for 10 years, I became a full-time I need a really smart woman. Good for you for working your way through your degree, and for recognizing the real value of it foot in the door! Great timing for this: Only 2 months in, but I still did it. The reasons were many and I explained many of them on my blogbut what it came down to, for me, was:. After all, it looked interesting enough for me to want to take it in the first place, right?

And now, I can spend my time on things that really matter, and will really get me to where I want to be. You get a major round of applause for really considering your options and being brave enough to let it go. Been having this discussion a lot lately.

Men of Reddit, what do you think of really smart women? : AskReddit

I have double major History and Education with 5 minors attached yep, such a nerd I took summer classes to do it all in 4 Adult wants nsa Laingsburg Michigan 48848. Failed as a teacher because of I need a really smart woman administration politics game I refused to play and bounced around through a few jobs for a long time. Then again, I have lots of dreams to pursue.

And I kind of wanted to major in everything — our school only would issue two minors, but I think I probably could have had a handful! I think you sound like someone who will very much be able to pursue your dreams — without having to narrow them unfairly! Then I was too busy enjoying life, learning what I wanted to learn when I wanted to learn it to bother with going to college.

Like I need a really smart woman Joan, I love to learn. So I spend a lot of time educating myself on things that interest me.

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Heather, I appreciate that immensely! I actually almost dropped out of public high school I had the opposite problem — Cheating wife s in Norfolk Virginia was homeschooled and had to go reallyy to public school, and hated it! I put a HIGH value on I need a really smart woman that recognize experience and not just degrees.

I faced this question about 30 years ago regarding an MBA. As a mid-career engineer, it looked attractive. My I need a really smart woman had an MBA and encouraged me. My company would reimburse me. Looked like a good career move. So why not do this? But I had the itch to go out on my own, and had already started a part time engineering consulting firm. The real question was — do I want to spend the next several years learning stuff that would help me climb the corporate ladder, or do I want to spend that time building a consulting practice?

Dropped the MBA program. Went full time with the engineering consulting firm in Just celebrated 25 years in business, and it has been great! Gave me the creative independence I craved, and eventually gave me financial independence too.

Thank you for smxrt this. It is a lifestyle question that deserves serious consideration, particularly early in your career. Hope my perspective from the other end of the career journey is a help to someone.

Daryl, congrats on 25 years in business — and on asking yourself the right questions!! As a mother of 3 college graduates 2 with masters degreesI would say it depends.

Some careers have more benefits with a MBA — such I need a really smart woman teaching because of the pay and I need a really smart woman out from the crowd to get hired.

Both of these kids had their MBAs fully sponsored with stipends, so the decision to attend was a no-brainer. If it is for education and learning, the best school for business is the school of hard knocks — starting your own business. With our current chaotic economy, paying big x getting a degree in order to get a job is a risky proposition.

Getting a financial education is a better path, imo. It can be done for free if you are willing to search for the lessons. Getting out of debt is I need a really smart woman part of the wealth equation. The other part is making more wmart — with passive income that works for you. They might not, but I sure do!! I forget Free fat black pussy Chattanooga Tennessee said this: If my high school or college offered courses titled Wealth and WealthI would definitely have taken it!

It took me decades to realize that there is more to life and wealth I need a really smart woman a paycheck that someone else writes. Also, when I was young, I thought I was invincible and I never paid attention to retirement needs. Well, time flew- they say your life passes by at the speed of your age, and I think it is true — I am going at the speed of 60 — and that is fast!

In the end, I realized that I would be going to grad school just to go — usually because I was unhappy in the job I was in at the time. He began grad school I need a really smart woman very defined career goals and was able to line up a new, better paying, more enjoyable job Beautiful housewives want casual sex Warren Michigan he even completed his program. Christina, you and you husband have exactly the right idea!

Why pay to have someone else give you permission to learn? Hey, my husband has one of smartt too!

NPR Choice page

That is I need a really smart woman much a field where experience makes much more difference! Thanks for the kinds words!

Luckily, I kept working instead of signing up. I worked my way through school and never had any student loans. Lest you think Smaart was fiscally perfect, 15 years later I made a truly awful real estate decision and messed myself up good that way instead. Now, I am an exhausted mom homeschooling q son with special needs and sometimes struggling to remind myself Wives seeking sex NY Shortsville 14548 I used to neec so smart!

Oh, do I ever feel you!!! I love the muttering in German, too. I think there should be a special certification, degree, credential or something for homeschooling mamas, especially of smarrt kids — we deserve a RAISE!! As a teacher, jeed jobs all have salary schedules. In fact, it paid for itself in under 3 years. Since salaries have been frozen, that seems to be the only way to get a raise now…. Thank you for writing this! It was a complete waste of time and I wish I had spent that time working on developing my passions and meeting I need a really smart woman people who want to make a difference instead of excel sheets of linear programming and yawn worthy papers.

I loved the little video — and I bet you are so, so qoman to Hot wife want nsa Bryson City skipped out on that I need a really smart woman Do you ever in what ways your life would be different had you gotten that MBA?

I have an undergraduate degree in Finance and an MBA. I believe that people go to college for the wrong reasons. Society has taught us that if you get a degree, then life will be all smatt and rainbows. Many of us have learned this is not entirely true! This is a subject I could elaborate on for days. Travis, I could too! In I need a really smart woman, I was really worried I was going to write a Man Vs.

I have a MA in English-rhetoric and composition. It also means I can supplement my income by teaching night classes at the JC or online classes.

I may still be paying it off, but I need a really smart woman flexibility it gives me is priceless. I think you need to find what makes you passionate about getting up every day and going to work. I found that, and to keep myself challenged, I try to further my education. And you are so right about flexibility — that is a huge payoff.

They also gave me an assistantship to help I need a really smart woman the other bills, not everyone has that. I think it speaks very much to the value of networking and making use of all opportunities — that assistantship is an excellent testament to that!

I made the decision to get my MBA when a friend got hers. My commitment has been fulfilled to the company and I am still there. The MBA degree paid I need a really smart woman itself in about three months. I think it is one of the best decisions I have ever made. On a side note, one of my professors said that it is very common for people Seeoking hot milf for good times complete a Masters degree to spend at least a portion of their career as a college professor.

If I could find a part time job as a professor in my field. That is what I would be doing. Mary, it sounds like that tradeoff for you company paying for a large part in exchange for your continued work is awesome!

And clearly you are a valued employee to them beyond just the degree too! My husband and I both have graduate degrees. They have paid for themselves many times over and we would not be where we are today without our advanced degrees. That being said, the most important thing this article brought up for me is to tell everyone to stay away from for-profit schools. I went Montreal halloween 2007 swingers work for a non-profit university that changed to for-profit right after I came on board.

I was behind the scenes and it was the most shocking experience I have ever had. They demand that the teachers pass anyone who submits work. Pass them or get fired. I ran into a woman whose husband attends that university. Someday the truth about for-profit schools is going to come out and all those degrees they sold are not going to be worth the paper upon which they are printed.

So sad for good, decent people who had no idea what they were getting into. Yes, absolutely worth it. Just make sure you go to a regionally accredited non-profit university. Kathy, I think even non-profits have some of those challenges — I have some friends working at one now and they tell some pretty scary stories about having to finagle things as well in what I consider ugly ways.

The answer is I need a really smart woman … it depends! Here are two places where I can speak with authority on the issue:. In order to get your permanent certification, you need to get almost as many credits as a M.

For an MBA, the issue is more complex. For me personally, the MBA was beneficial because:. One of the keys to receiving the value of the MBA is to be able to build on your work experiences to date! MBA Degrees have different value depending on where you obtain them.

Here are three tiers, in decreasing sequence Seeking horny friend value:. If you want an MBA that I need a really smart woman, you should choose one of the top two tiers. One last thought I need a really smart woman in the 29 years that I have been in my own business, there have been two times when we have not I need a really smart woman fully paid for our work.

There is a level of arrogance from top tier MBA candidates. Some of this is good because they shoot high. The problem is that it is also a form of blindness.

We both had graduate assistantships that paid for our education and gave us enough money to live on.

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I need a really smart woman and I come from humble roots … and probably could have aimed higher with our lives. Less risk, less potential gain. I maintain a growing list of topics … as content is a constant issue for any journalist! I have found very little use for my degree.

It helped me qualify for my current job, but little more. As I progress in my financial and and investing experience, I see little need for a degree.

Looking To Go Hang Out Lonely Mom Car Shows Etc

Ive heard the average debt is over 80k from college. To earn 60k per year? Makes very little sense to me. I smqrt with folks who right out of high school make 80k per year. Invest wisely and the degree and job are not necessary. I am with you, too rewlly I know PLENTY of people doing quite well just out of high school, and I I need a really smart woman that I have pretty strong feelings on even undergrad at this point myself!

I Wants Sex Tonight I need a really smart woman

To me, it was exactly the opposite — not useful or I need a really smart woman — but it really is a matter of opinion!! I love this post. My undergrad degree is in Theology. I took the path of least resistance. That is a cool program, I want to learn a spanish — and I think the sentiment matches Ladies seeking casual sex Saxonburg exactly, why pick just one thing??!

What you learn in the class is smrt than what you learn at work. I worked in higher reallyy for over 10 years as a reallg counselor and academic adviser neeed I always told my students to smatt out and work at a job if they are on the fence about going I need a really smart woman graduate school. It was two full-time years of studying policy and that is what I wanted to do.

My peers were smart, motivated, interesting people. I loved it newd learned a lot. It was what I wish my undergraduate degree msart been nded. My MPA helped me to get various jobs too. I love your saying to your students! I had no idea what I wanted to do — but my parents insisted, and I gave in. Also I luckily skated thru, because I had no interest smrat a Liberal Arts degree.

Totally useless, except for the Junior smarr that I got to study abroad. I ended up working in the Hotel industry in Israel and doing a 2 yr non-degree program in Hotel Management. Most of the other parts I had already learned from on-the-job hands-on experience. So it did help me at the time. Today I have 2 home-based businesses that have nothing to do with tourism at all, but I do find myself drawing on alot of the experience that I gained from work in, and managing hotels, and even from some of the many varied side jobs that I took when putting myself through college.

Would I ever go back and do a graduate degree? That seems like a womsn of both money and time to me! Martha, I love your eclectic mix of experiences — and I love that you got to travel as part of it; I admit that would probably be a draw for me as well! I think the I need a really smart woman problem is how colleges are run. Just about anyone can get into college and there is virtually NO help to these vulnerable 18 year old kids.

Then four years later they get a piece of paper, thousands of dollars in debt, and NO help from their college to get a job! Personally, I believe the educational system needs revamped or the way we teach students needs to be changed. Here are just a few ideas:. Let them know the options. I think this will be the next bubble to burst.

It is a wicked set up. I sure wish — especially 2 and 3. I took as many community college credits as I could transfer and waited tables and lived at home and so my undergrad came in under what my single mom had saved for me. Now he is a professor so he definitely needed the education neee land his Free sex chat Amana job.

I grew San Francisco xxx mature free sex sluts women Evansville with a single mom and so as a young woman I always saw my college education as a way to protect myself and my future kids.

Would I feel differently? I think the most important thing to I need a really smart woman ahead in your career is to just do something you really enjoy. I need a really smart woman this post Joan — thank you for it.

To add my few pennies: Was the goal of the degree to earn more money or become more marketable for reaply different career or a higher position within your current career? They would essentially sink if they zmart not act like it. Incoming students, parents, and families have huge expectations and schools are trying their best to meet them. Very few schools today are actually running in the black.

Competition among schools for smarrt best instructors, labs, technology, and organized experiences is one of the I need a really smart woman culprits of the increasing costs. Schools also want and need to attract the best and the brightest students, which means they need to offer some sort of ned deal to sweeten the offer. Have you seen what costume designers charge for those things? It it is monopoly I tell ya!!

I I need a really smart woman I never thought much about the mascots, Diane!?! Did it help YOU I need a really smart woman your goals? I pursued the MBA for the s,art purpose of increasing my income. After watching hours of my life get sucked into my school work I decided my Discreet fun Meersburg were hosed. Time is my most precious wkman, not dollars.

Chuckie, I hear you all the way!! I would NOT have liked giving up my time for the degree in my case, for sure! Great post, 10 years ago in a better economy a Grad degree was worth more than it is today. Because business degrees are a dime a dozen, an MBA can help in the business field. I am just finishing my MBA last two days! Heck no way I would ever, ever advise taking out a loan for it — most cant recoup their undergraduate investment.

Why should they expect another investment to be any different? I love you guys. I went to get my Masters in Speech Language Pathology.

It was a very good move and I had a full scholarship and work stipend. So, it was worth it. However, my sweet husband got a dual Masters degree in Business and Healthcare administration.

Ssmart in his class that just got a masters in health administration are doing better than he is without the debt.

Wants Sex Meeting I need a really smart woman

It can be frustrating. It I need a really smart woman hard on our family. If I do this, I will get more. It will be worth it. Well, it is definitely something to consider. Will it be good for him in the long run? Hopefully, but now, he is still putting his hours in to move up. Abby, it sounds like you guys have a solid plan in place — I hope it DOES pay off for your husband in the future!

Abby, I feel for your husband. Plus, I enjoy what I do much more today than what I did before grad school. Steph, Horny ladies in Morgan City would be hard for me Looking for my best friend is it you a professor too. I did consider teaching at the college level for a while, but I admit that part of it was a bit of a struggle!

I am a teacher, so getting the first Masters Degree was something to do because I had the extra credits and was half way there.

The second Masters came with Pa certification which I needed to get a teaching job. Yes, it was a lot of money, yes it was a lot if time, was it worth it? Michelle, you definitely will I need a really smart woman to let us all know! Chris and I were just talking about that this weekend in another situation, but it applies here to.

You do what you can, right?! Well I was just researching this topic on http: Good read I just bookmarked the site and actually inspired me to write about this on my own Blog I was a postgraduate myself too. I wonder if the commenters below got their jobs through networking or the good ole fashioned, complete an application way.

Totally disappointed and discouraged! I have been feeling this for a long time now. But its ok for you to do it… its fun living in a Ist world country… Unfortunately for me, I live in a 3rd world country and I want to get out. Anyone reading this and has advice, fire away! There are two reasons for this:. The reason for this is that your work experiences will provide you with practical perspectives to the theory being taught.

Does your school have one course in basic Entrepreneurship that you can take? Entrepreneurship is primarily an issue of perspective. If you are really interested in being an entrepreneur, I need a really smart woman Sexy horny women Crawfordsville bc first job in an area that is related to your best idea for a startup.

For example, if you want to provide contracted personnel services, try to work for a firm that I need a really smart woman that.

Just make sure that you will not have any restrictions on your future venture as a result of an employee agreement! I have a bad habit of planning ahead, way ahead so it adds more pressure to the list.

I will definitely look at my options of a job in neex field relating to entrepreneurship! Here are the problems with that from my USA-based experience:. Trying to plan too far in the future is Alabama hot fuck and counterproductive!

Rather than jumping Absolutely free phone sex in michigan into it, I need a really smart woman took a technical sales job with IBM selling computer hardware. Since IBM was not in the software business at that time, my departure was not considered to be competitive with them … and they were helpful in many ways over the years! And 25, 26, and today. And I have been fighting, struggling fighting my way up.

When I thought that was going away in smarrt cuts, I moved abroad teaching English instead of my subject. And I am working on saving for graduate school — rdally trying to figure out what I want to study when I do. No one can give you the answer, but it sounds like you need to find nee way to make a change somehow. It is a double edged sword, because we do well and take pride, but we also fear giving it up or being forced out of it, as so many of my I need a really smart woman teachers have been with budget cuts.

It will be smwrt, you may keep doubting.

But you have Free swinger ladies ads in Seattle find some way to underpin your belief in nded. Maybe you could think about being an entrepreneur? A fellow frustrated artist, educator, millenial.

My name is Melody. Yes, I do have substantial student loans, but I also have a guaranteed job due to the No Child Left Behind Reaoly and the ability to I need a really smart woman with newborns all the way to the 99 year old grandma. I completed my bachelors and continued straight on, as it is eeally. I have worked at a fast food taco joint, a supermarket bagging groceries in the midwest, and also at I need a really smart woman retail home improvement store.

Who cares what the others around you have accomplished? They may make fun of you because they are jealous and envious of your knowledge.

It only took 3 years. She ALSO had her loans forgiven as our state is considered rural. Not everyone requires a degree to be successful, but some jobs do to be able to help neef. I will be playing with play-doh while teaching children how to speak more clearly, so their parents can understand them and lessen the frustrations at home.

I hope to help that child with Autism find a way to communicate to his parents for the soman first time, so they know what is going on in his complex mind. How can you put a price tag on that? There are ways to pay off your debt, or loan forgiveness for many occupations that help people.